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Cowcooning offers you three different menus: 

BBQ:   75€

The BBQ includes:

  • 4 largeking prawns

  • 2 steaks

  • 2 skewers of chorizo

  • 2 vegetable skewers

  • A mozzarella di bufala tomato salad

  • potatoes wrapped in foil to be cooked in the embers.

  • A bottle of red or white wine to be specified

  You will also receive logs and charcoal.

* When booking, indicate which wine you want (red or white).  Your tray will be waiting for you in your fridge when you arrive.

bbq glamping.jpg

 Champagne & Love:   45€

Enjoy a glass of champagne and the scent  of the flowers in front of the magnificent view.

séjour amoureux.jpg

Breakfast:   18€ 

The breakfast basket includes:

  • 3 croissants

  • 3 pain au chocolat

  •  3 raisin breads

  • 2 apple juice

  • 1 homemade yogurt with fresh fruit.

The basket is dropped off in front of your tent at 9 a.m. . 

petit déjeuner au lit glamping .jpg
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