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A nightidyllic  in an intimate tent

This little cocoon for two people will allow you to escape for an evening (or more) in the Flemish countryside. Close to Brussels and Leuven and yet so far from everything. Surrounded by nature and animals, you will have a magnificent view of the fields, the woods,  the two farms, the sunset and finally, the stars.

Although you will be immersed in nature there will be no need to take survivalist lessons! All the necessary comfort is at your disposal, the tent is comparable to a fully equipped apartment. 

The location

The tent is located in the undergrowth of Camping Bergendal (, a recreational campsite that attaches great importance to peace and quiet. The place is conducive to making wood fires and observing the stars. The tent site is isolated from the rest of the campsite.

The tent

The 100% cotton tent has an area of 20 m² and a maximum of 3 m in height.  Cotton is made from the seeds of this drought-resistant plant. Durable and renewable, it is one of the most biodegradable fabrics on Earth. The tent is equipped with windows and vents covered with a mosquito net to keep insects out while providing ventilation and airflow. There is electricity and a water fountain but there is no wifi. The showers  are 200 meters from the tent.

the shed

This little shed is a concentrate of utility, a flush toilet on the one hand and a kitchen on the other. The kitchen is equipped with a sink and a fridge.  

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