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Gift card 

Don't have a gift idea for your loved ones? Offer for two people an unforgettable night in a large luxurious tent in the middle of nature.

How to book this gift voucher?

  1. Send us an e-mail at choosing from the formulas below the one you want to offer.

  2. Indicate the name of the beneficiary and mention his contact number and the postal address to which to send this gift voucher. You will receive more information about payment by email. 

  3. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the voucher by post.

  4. To make his reservation, the lucky beneficiary must contact us by phone or e-mail, preferably having already checked the dates still available on the site.

  5. There is no expiry date, the conditions for modification and cancellation of reservations are those of the site.

The gift card is valid for 24 months after purchase of the card. 

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One weekday night (breakfast included): 118€

One weekend night (breakfast included):128€

Dinner during the week (dinner and breakfast included):193 €

Dinner during the weekend (dinner et fartit lunch included):203 €

All inclusive during the week (champagne, dinner, and breakfast included):258 €

All inclusive during the weekend (champagne, dinner, and petit lunch included):268 €

*Click on "menu"  for more information about Champagne, dinner and breakfast.

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